Elettromagnetic gun RM06

Elettromagnetic gun RM06

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The new electromagnetic RM06 gun designed for Big production formats eg Drums or productions where very viscous materials are to be applied has the particularity that it runs solely with electrical currentgenerated by Gemini ROSSO Control Unit without the need of compressed air (MKIII).
The absence of gaskets simplifies immensely the maintenance operations; in terms of time and spare parts: the replacement of the nozzle/needle components are the only activities of ordinary maintenance.
The reduced size and the blocking mechanism (identical to the MKIII) of the gun facilitate it’s positioning on the production line.
A particularity of the gun is that the mastic is in contact only with the nozzle and needle, eliminating the necessity to dismantle the whole gun for maintenance and cleaning.
The electrical coil, allows the command of the needle trought the “fix magnet”, this allows for a very rapid and precise the opening/closing time making it ideal for last generation production lines in combination with the new GEMINI ROSSO Controller.
The diameters of the nozzle are available in various sizes (from 1,0mm up to 3,0mm of diam).


Unit’s components:
Gun Body Casing in INOX
12V Command Coil
Bobbin Connector
Needle in WIDIAM
Nozzle in INOX
Springs for Needle