Who we are

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Gem Automation was founded in 1967 by the experience of its founder Mr. Genti (1924 class) a pioneer in the development and automation of industrial processes .
It was acquired in 2005 by Mr. Sollinger looking for new stimuli after a series of positive experiences in aviation maintenance and dealing with the Dallara wind tunnel Spa where he attained the construction of prototypes , starting from the drawings.
These work experiences in a team allowed  GEM Automation to be structured in a manner atypical compared to the traditional market.
This results in a company where the structure is not vertical one  but horizontal and consists of a pool of highly skilled and motivated professionals .

Our mission?
- Providing our customers with products with the characteristics of quality, reliability , cost-effectiveness in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the customer
- Increase the competitiveness of the industrial system .
- Operate in compliance with the rules of professional ethics and moral orientation to the "future" and to the continuous improvement of internal processes.
- Take charge of responsibilities , providing its know -how , promoting maximum transparency in all actions useful to customers .
- Follow Customers  up close:  from the need to solution, from the prototype to the realization of the project.

The main area of ​​business is the Metal Packaging Industry  in particular the management and application of componud mastic .
The continuous changes in the market, which are measured in the increase of quality control in the  difficult supply of raw materials and the reduction of production times , are moving customers to search for new suppliers ready for change and able to meet the new challanges.

Gem Automation a reliable partner.
As a testament to the commitment which ended successfully on several continuos collaborations on aerosols, food and drums lines.
Some of our main customers are : Cevolani Spa, Crown Packaging Italy , Crown Aerosols Italy , Aerosols & CROWN Speciality Packaging Europe UK , Crown Speciality Packaging Italy , Ardagh Group, ASA Group EMEA Greif  EMEA , Nestlé South America , and many others.
Today, thanks to the experience gained in over 10  years , the business is driven by young minds who believe  in the project, adding some ingredients to the recipe, vital as that of innovation and research in the continuous improvement of its products.

Marco Sollinger
CEO Gem Automazione